We are a small business located in Woodbury, Tennessee. After starting up in 2005 as "Beans Diesel Performance", we moved here to our current shop in 2008 doing service work.


 After many years of servicing vehicles, we started getting into machine work. This took hold very quickly and was a big hit. It was doing so well, in fact, that we decided to get rid of our service department entirely to focus on machining, leading us to transition to "Bean Machine". Here at Bean Machine, we specialize in manufacturing and selling diesel parts. We offer a wide variety of stylish, and efficient parts for all diesels.


We also host an annual, public event at our shop in the fall, called "Blackout In The Country", where we have drag races, truck pulls, show n' shine, burnouts, and dyno runs. Our event draws in all of the locals, as well as people from all over the country.