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Beans Diesel Air Force Milled Compressor Wheel For 7.3 Power Stroke 94-03

Air Force Milled Compressor wheel for the 1994-2003 7.3 Power Strokes.

This compressor wheel is for stock turbos only.





If you own a 7.3L Power Stroke, then you have heard people talk about turbo surge, or maybe you have even experienced turbo surge yourself. Most often turbo surge is an after effect in the Diesel Performance industry of putting too large of a turbo on a truck. The turbo is operating on the edge of its efficiency map and when you get on the throttle hard and then let off abruptly, the turbo wants to spin backwards. This is not the cause of turbo surge on a 7.3 The one thing you will notice different about a 7.3 compressor wheel compared to any other compressor wheel on the market, is that the fins on the factory compressor wheel are equal length. This causes the compressor wheel to form an air bubble, for lack of a better word, when the turbo is operating at its peak. Look at any other compressor wheel and you will notice that every other fin is tall and between them is a short fin. This allows the air flowing into the compressor housing to be scooped and compressed instead of skipping over the top of the fins. The Beans Diesel Air Force Milled Compressor wheel is designed with the proper fin heights and will not only result in more performance from your turbo diesel, but it will also make turbo surge a thing of the past. I have seen questions like "7.3 Turbo surge, why.... and the fix?" posted on diesel forums for years. I have also seen shade tree mechanics improperly explain and diagnose this problem. Make sure you are going to the best possible source when you are looking for turbo upgrades for your 7.3L Power Stroke. Beans Diesel Performance prides its self in making high quality diesel parts and upgrades for your diesel trucks.

Introducing the Air Force Line of Milled Compressor wheels for the 1994-2003 7.3 Power Strokes. 

This is not just a copy of a cast wheel or another "Wicked Wheel". This is a performance drop in replacement wheel for all stock 7.3 Power Stroke Turbo's from 94 all the way to 2003 models. BDP Air Force wheels have high tech features that produce more horse power, quicker spool up, lower exhaust gas temps and reduced surging.  The power band will be increased both from the bottom end and the top end as well as increasing overall hp levels. 


  • Light Weight machined, forged billet design 
  • Drop in replacement, no machining required
  • Extended tip technology to increase top end air flow and over all boost levels
  • Reduced hub size to decrease rotational weight for quicker spool-up as well as adding more blade surface area for greater flow
  • Taller inducer blades to increase amount of air pulled into engine
  • 7x7 steeped blade design for eliminating turbo surge/stall and increasing efficiency 

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